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In addition to selling the finest German and American made vacuums not found in any box store, Everett Vacuum Sales & Service has been serving and repairing vacuums from all manufactures since we opened our doors nearly 75 years ago.  And while manufactures and technology change, our expert service and speedy vacuum repair is stronger than ever.  

Everett Vacuum repairs all makes and models of vacuum cleaners and most carpet cleaners.  Many vacuum repairs are completed same-day and service is as much or as little as you want.  No expensive, over-sold service packages other guys sell when all you really want is a belt replaced or a filter changed.  Our rates our honest, fair and always up-front.  We do everything from replacing the belt on your vacuum to a complete overhaul & unclogging your vacuum cleaner to full service tune-ups.  Whatever is slowing your vacuum down, let us at Everett Vacuum keep your machine running and your home clean and healthy.  

For those who prefer to do it themselves, Everett Vacuum has the largest inventory of vacuum cleaner parts, vacuum belts and vacuum filters in the region.  We stock vacuum cleaner parts for most all brands including: Hoover, Eureka, Dyson, Bissell, Shark, Riccar, Miele, SEBO, Windsor, Proteam, Royal, Kirby, Tristar, Rainbow, Oreck, Electrolux, and More!  We have a full inventory of central vacuum supplies, built-in vacuum pipe and fittings as well as in-home canister vacuums and hose attachment kits.  With hundreds of different vacuum bags, filters, belts and cleaning products in-stock daily and a knowledgeable staff ready to assist, Everett Vacuum is ready and willing to to help you get your vacuum cleaner as good as new again.

Everett Vacuum, your local vacuum repair & vacuum parts specialists!

David Lane