ProTeam's Latest Commercial Backpack, Replacing the Sierra Model

Proteam ProVac FS6 Commercial Power Nozzle Kit in Action

Everett Vacuum Sales & Service is pleased to have in stock the ProVac FS6 with Commercial Grade Power Nozzle Kits Is Proteam's latest model to take on commercial and residential cleaning.  Offering the same great German made Wessell Werk Power Nozzle as the later model Sierra, the new FS6 backpack vacuum is more powerful, higher grade filtration and improved comfort harness system over the Sierra.  

The 6-quart ProVac FS 6 backpack vacuum is the perfect solution for increasing productivity. Whether you are cleaning large areas or small, hard surfaces or carpet, high surfaces or low, this backpack vacuum saves time and effort. This unit is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for residential cleaning professionals. An extra-long, 50-foot power cord is included to clean large areas without having to unplug. The open-weave harness allows you to stay cool by dissipating any heat. This ProVac FS 6 comes complete with the Commercial Power Nozzle Tool Kit designed specifically to triumph over the demands of residential cleaning. A commercial power nozzle cleans under and around furniture with ease while a Gas Pump Handle with Electrified Hose conveniently turns on/off the power nozzle for efficient cleaning. 

One of the most notable features to the FS6 is the improved and comfortable harness and backrest.  The ProVac's newly improved adjustable FlexFit harness features thicker back and shoulder pads to create more comfortable contact points. The FlexFit harness also features improved lumbar support and a stronger, easy-to-adjust sternum strap. The open-weave harness allows you to stay cool by dissipating any heat.  This harness fits closely to your body to reduce accidental contact with walls and to respond to your motion as you're vacuuming. The integrated tool belt keeps the accessories close at hand while you’re vacuuming.  

Proteam ProVac FS6 Commercial Power Nozzle Kit

Proteam ProVac FS6 Commercial Power Nozzle Kit

The ProVac FS 6 is 43% more efficient in removing dirt and food debris, so not only does the backpack improve speed, but also effectiveness. The ProTeam ProVac FS 6 backpack vacuum cleans more square footage in less time and requires less than half the energy and effort.  At only 11.6 pounds, the ProVac FS 6 backpack vacuum is light enough to use for longer hours without compromising productivity. This vac uses your body’s core and leg muscles, causing less fatigue and body strain. The ProVac FS 6 also fits close to your body, just like a backpack, and reduces accidental contact with walls and furniture within the kitchen, restaurant or dining hall.  The ProVac FS 6 backpack vacuum is easy to maneuver around and under foodservice furniture such as tables, chairs, sinks, kitchens and food prep stations. With all the included tools, you can reach that area under the table and chairs, without having to move the table and chairs first.  With the ProVac FS 6 backpack vacuum, you can enjoy freedom of movement like never before as the cord management system eliminates you having to mess with the cord. The extra-long, 50-foot power cord allows you to clean more area without having to unplug and switch outlets. The time it takes to clean an area is cut in half with the ProTeam ProVac FS 6 backpack vacuum. 

Drop on by to Everett Vacuum Sales & Service today and try out the all new ProTeam Backpack Vacuum for yourself.  


David Lane