The Hard Working, vacuum motor M1200 From Maytag

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Named the “Ultimate Upright” by the Wall Street Journal, the dual vacuum motor, sealed HEPA filtration, horsepower-infused upright from Maytag is exactly that. The M1200 features patented M020 Dual Intake System with two individual motors working together for maximum agitation and continuous suction power.  Six stages of advanced air filtration trap dust, dirt, and pet hair in a “goof-proof” bag that holds 20 times the capacity of the leading (a cough...dyson…cough) bagless upright vacuum.

What you need to know about M1200 vacuum motor

Like the M700 it features a chrome plated steel brush roll with replaceable brush strips and a chrome plated steel nozzle guard/base plate. The surface contact points, being the wheels, are rubber with a bronze bushing for max strength and non-marking rolling surface. The vacuum belt is a lifetime serpentine belt, a smaller version of what you would find under the hood of your car, connected to a HALL sensor for protection against shoelaces, sock and whatever else may be lurking under the bed. The M1200 vacuum motor has adjustable height, LED headlights and a rubber bumper for furniture protection. 

Moving up to the main body of M1200 vacuum motor. The housing is a mix of composite and strike/shatter proof ABS for years of durable service. The attachments include a long crevice tool and combination upholstery/dust brush. One thing I wish they would have done is used a natural bristle dust brush oppose to a nylon bristle. Those can, however, be purchased separately. The hose and wand are an impressive 15 feet in length, making it perfect for stair or vaulted ceiling cleaning. The housing holds the M020 tandemsuction motors, giving direct air and bypass vacuum when vacuuming the carpet.  When vacuuming bare floor or using the hose, one suction motor is engaged; still providing a powerful 90” of H2O lift.  The vacuum bag access door is a gasket sealed chamber combined with the six stages of filtration, provides a compete “sealed HEPA system”. That puts the microns below 03. Perfect vacuum for pet owners and allergy sufferers.

From the body, the handle tube is cast brushed aluminum, and the handle is a deluxe touch (composite and rubber) grip that provides a comfortable hold and easy thumb control to the on/off & carpet/floor switches. The cord length is a generous 35’ cable. The color is black and Maytag classic “White Cloud Metallic”.

If you are tired of cheap foreign made products falling apart on you and need the best pet vacuum with allergy saving HEPA filtration, The US made M1200 Maytag is the best vacuum cleaner for you.

5 year, Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty.

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