The Powerful M500 Vacuum Cleaner From Maytag

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Today we are starting a three part review on Maytag’s new line of vacuum cleaners. Maytag is one of America’s oldest appliance manufacturers and has become a household name for power and longevity. Reliability made famous with the Maytag Man commercials, where the bored Maytag repairman sat by the phone waiting for the call that would never come. 

Where M500 Vacuum Cleaner Comes From

About twenty years ago Hoover, through a merger between Maytag/Whirlpool & Hoover, a line of rebranded Hoover vacuums came on the market bearing the Maytag name.  And while they were good vacuums, they didn’t quite live up to the Maytag name for power and reliability. 

Meanwhile, also around 20-25 years ago, Tacony Vacuum Corp started producing top quality, powerful & reliable vacuum cleaners made in the US at their plant in St. James, Missouri. Those vacuum cleaner brands that were produced were names such as Riccar, Carpet Pro and Simplicity. Fast forward to today, and you have Tacony, America’s leading vacuum cleaner manufacturer teaming up with Maytag to produce some of the highest quality vacuums built in the US.

And on the note of America’s vacuum production, it may surprise you to learn that very few of the major brands are not built within our borders. Dirt Devil, Eureka, Bissell, Electrolux, Kenmore & Hoover are made in China. Even Dyson is a Malaysian built vacuum cleaners, using Chinese made motors. 

While I can’t say everything at Everett Vacuum isn’t made in China, it is certainly our goal. Not just a focus on selling American made products like Maytag, Kirby, Riccar, Mosquito, and now even Royal has moved back to US production, but we put an emphasis on selling top-quality, so this brings in German made Miele and Sebo as well as commercial products built in Mexico. All that to say, we want to ensure that our customers are getting the most for their money and a vacuum cleaner that will give them many years of reliable service. And the new line of Maytag will give you exactly that.

M500 vs Oreck

Maytag’s lightweight M500 weighs 9lbs and is very similar in size and weight of an Oreck. However, that is about as far as the Oreck comparison goes. The M500 has a 5.5amp direct air motor that dwarfs its competitor.  Rugged handle, tough polycarbonate body, chrome plated steel base and bronze wheel bushings leave the cheap plastic of the Oreck leaving much to be desired.  It is easy to carry from the room, and make cleaning carpeted stairs a cinch.

The filtration is an advanced micro allergenic bag that locks in microscopic dirt and dust particles for maximum cleaning and air quality. It also features a self-sealing bag that is “poof-proof”. The motor is two speed for controlling suction and brush rpm. This comes in handy when going from regular pile to bare floor; slowing the motor combined with the squeegee sealing strip on the nozzle guarantee a scatter-free smooth floor clean. 

The soft rubber wheels also protect bare floors from scratching that hard plastic wheels cause. Lowering the speed is preferred when using on the thick pile as well as area rugs that tend to lift up and suck into the nozzle while vacuuming.  It comes with a long 30’ power cable. The paint, of course, is Maytag White Cloud Metallic. 

The Maytag M500 is backed by a 3-year bumper to bumper warranty $349 plus trade-in discounts, and as always, our price match guarantee.

Call for details or stop in today and see in person if the M500 is the right vacuum cleaner for you.

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