Why is Vacuuming so Important


The importance of vacuuming, and vacuuming often, can be summed up in three categories: Health, Social & Financial


With millions of skin cells and thousands of hairs being shed each day, bacteria, allergens, dust, dander and pollen accumulating, the need to remove these from our home is ever present.  And no form of removal is as complete or effective as vacuuming.  Left alone they can cause considerable respiratory and health issues.  Keeping your home vacuumed and tidy is also excellent for maintaining good mental health;  Not to mention the instant gratification of watching something be sucked up or a matted carpet re-fluffed is good for the psyche as well.  It's also a great physical activity to get you up, moving and productive. 


Vacuuming is critical in maintaining a clean inviting space to entertain, receive unexpected guests or to sustain clean living.  The accumulation of dead skin cells, dirt, dander and bacteria not only effect the smell of your home but the clothes you go out in.  Many of the same social implications of poor personal hygiene apply to your home's hygiene.  


Vacuuming maintains the investment you made in your home, carpets, car, area rugs, stair cases and flooring.  Removing debris prevents against breaks down fibers, soils in matting and foul odors. Carpeting and flooring is one of the most expensive investments to your home and is often ruined by lack of or improper maintenance and care.

Everett Vacuum's four recommended tips for vacuuming:

  1. Take your time. Moving slower is best, especially when pulling back towards yourself, during vacuuming. Carpets and rugs often feel great when brand new, but if vacuuming incorrectly, they will “ugly out” before they wear out. “Don’t vacuum like you are driving a race car,” cautions Paul Iskyan, president of Rug Renovating, a rug and carpet cleaning company in New York City. Instead, use a vacuum with good suction and move in slow, repetitive, overlapping strokes. This will remove up to 85 percent of dust and allergens, while also making high-traffic patterns less noticeable.

  2. Multiple directions, like a North, South, East, West will ensure they are clean to the max.

  3. Keep your vacuum well maintained. Clean off the filters and brush. Change them and belt when needed.

  4. Use a HEPA Bag or well sealed HEPA Bagless Vacuum to ensure what you suck in stays in. Poorly filtered or cheaply built vacuums expel particles back out into your air.

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David Lane