A Brief History of Vacuum Cleaners

Everett Vacuum Sales & Service has been around for 75 years, but the first "vacuum cleaners" started to come about way back in the mid 19th century.  Much has changed in way of design, but the idea has remained the same; suck up the dirt to keep your home healthy. 

Earliest models required pulling a handle in rapid succession or turning a crank attached to a fan in order to siphon the debris up.  Fancier units employed bellows powered by the movement of the wheels.  They were heavy, made of wood & iron, and if you don't find vacuuming to be fun now just imagine being born a hundred years ago!   

In 1901 Hubert Booth of England designed a combustion engine powered vacuum so big it was pulled by cart and horse and workers would bring hoses in through doors or windows to service customers homes.  Other were placed in large buildings as the first central vacuum systems.  William Hoover patented the first electric vacuum small enough for residential use in 1908 and released their fist upright vacuum cleaner in 1928. These were purchased initially by the wealthy but after WWII nearly every home in America had a vacuum cleaner. 

A lot has advanced in filtration, suction and ease of use, who knows what the future holds for the family vacuum as cordless technology and robotic advances are made. One day Everett Vacuum may be selling Rosie the Robot!

David Lane