Why doesn't my vacuum turn on?

Why doesn't my vacuum cleaner turn on?

Nothing can be more frustrating then needing to clean up a mess and the vacuums not working. And electrical issues can just ad insult to injury. If the vacuum cleaner is not turning on a couple things leading up to this point can be very helpful. If the vacuum made loud or grinding sounds when last used it could be the motor has gone bad. Power cutting in and out could be that the power cable is bad or the carbon brushes are wearing out. Another common issue for a vacuum that shuts off in use and wont turn back on is that it has over heated.

At Everett Vacuum Sales & Service these are common issues that we fix daily. Instead of throwing out your vacuum let us see if repair would be cost effective for you. Most power cables only cost $16 and make repair a very inexpensive option. If the repair cost out weigh the vacuums value, we have over 40 models of new vacuum cleaners in stock as well as a good selection of quality used vacuums. Give us a call today at 425-252-4355 or visit our store.

David Lane