Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Vacuum cleaner reviews and consumer reports can always be tricky to wade through, and for a number of reasons. How long has the consumer owned it when they reviewed? How does it hold up in the long run? What is their carpeting and flooring, how does it compare to yours? What was their previous vacuum...was it a cheap Bissell with clogged filters and a stretched belt...and now this new Eureka out of the box is the best thing ever?

I tell my customers a vacuum cleaner that stays off my work bench and out of the landfill are the best. How often I hear customers say that they buy a new $150 vacuum every 1-2 years. SEBO vacuums are my favorite mainly because I've owned one for 14 years with out issue, in a home with four children and a dog. And I'm not just promoting a brand. I have customers with Miele, Royal, Riccar and Panasonic where they've had a great vacuum for decades, keeping their home clean and healthy, without having to replace it every other year. Sure a Miele upright for $450 seems steep for a vacuum compared to a vacuum cleaner from a box store for $120. But if that Miele will last you 15-20 years, made in Germany and cleans deeper with sealed HEPA filtration; consider it a savings of your time and money from buying the ever rotating line of box store vacuums that clog the dumps.

Bottom line you have to find the vacuum that will make the most sense for your budget, wants, carpeting and flooring needs. At Everett Vacuum Sales and Service we have been giving personal one on one consultations to each of our customers since 1944 to help them weigh the options and find the best vacuum for their home. With over 40 different models of vacuums to choose from, Everett Vacuum has the largest inventory of vacuum cleaners in Washington to choose from and in all budgets. Because we warranty everything we sell, and have for over 70 years, we have selected the best brands that will keep not only your home clean and healthy but your vacuum out of the shop and out of a landfill. Call an expert today or stop on by!

David Lane