Why does my vacuum smell?

Vacuum cleaner smells

Vacuums cleaners can smell from for various reasons; pet dander, moisture was sucked up.... The most common cause is old dirt sitting stagnant in the collection chamber, bags or filters. Vacuum bags should be changed every four to six weeks or once full. A bag is "full" once it is over 70% full or enough fine dust has coated the inner liner to drastically reduce suction. Bagless vacuums should be emptied after each use and filters cleaned or washed every three months or once suction has been reduced. HEPA filters need to be replaced on average every 12 months. If you have pets, their dander can cause the filters to need to be replaced sooner. Washable filters should be cleaned only with water and be completely dry before reinstalling into the vacuum cleaner. Just let them dry in the sun and never lean against a heater or put in the dryer, this will warp the filter and ruin it.

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