Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

best vacuum for pet hair

Pet hair and embedded dander and sand are about the toughest debris to tackle when vacuuming your home carpets.  Many vacuum cleaner manufactures advertise "Animal" or "Pet" but if you look closer at their other models, it's usually just painted a different color and addition of extra cleaning tools that make it "special" for pet hair.  They isn't inherently special about them, nor any added's just a label and often a higher price tag.  Another thing to consider besides how well it removes pet hair is how long it will hold up and how well it seals in the allergens, dander and pet odors.  Most of these Box Store brands like Shark, Eureka, Hoover and Dyson are made in China or Malaysia with over engineered and under developed designs.  They tend to last only a couple years and many die out after a mere several months.  Buying a new vacuum every year adds up fast.

So I would like tell you what we feel are the best vacuums for pet owners on the market today.  And while some don't actually say "for pets", their quality of build & design as well as their suction and agitation of their roller brushes put them head and shoulders above the Walmart and box store brands.  And on the note, buying local from us, a family owned dealer since 1944, you can save hundreds over internet pricing.  We accept trade ins as well, and our SEBO and Miele prices crush Amazon.  So here they are, our top 5 Vacuums for Pet Hair.

#1 Sebo Automtic X4.  Made in Germany, 7 year warranty, lifetime belt guarantee.  This vacuum is excellent on pet hair and longevity.  This is also a widely used commercial vacuum...In Everett the Post office, Fire Department, Hotels and many more put it to the test each day for hours on end.  This is literally the same vacuum my mom, aunts and other family members and friends own.  It sets the brush height perfectly each time to ensure solid agitation and airflow.  

#2 Mile C3 Canisters.  The Miele Marin is the one sold on Amazon but at $1049.  If you buy direct from us a Miele authorized dealer and service center, you can get this same vacuum in Red, with bonus attachments under their "homecare" line and save your self hundreds. This Canister vacuum is well suited for homes with wall to wall carpeting and bare floor.  Powerful suction and the Miele Premium power nozzle has adjustable height settings for all carpeting, even shag.  Sealed HEPA filtration, ultra quiet.

#3 Sebo D4 Premium Canister.  If you have a long hair dog, this is the one you want.  1.5 gallon bag capacity.....our home with bare floor and carpet, four kids and a shepherd, we change our bag about every 4-5 weeks.  Long graduated adjustable suction hose and a powerful low profile adjustable power nozzle.  Roller brush removes easily without tools to quickly remove long hair that has wrapped around the roller.  Made in Germany, 7 year motor and 5 year parts warranty.  This is the vacuum I own and love.

#4 Maytag M1200 Tandem Air Upright.  Made in the US, backed by a five year warranty, this machine is really a beefed up Riccar Brilliance.  Dual suction motors, HEPA and Charcoal Filtration to fight dander odors and stiff bristles on a chrome plated steel roller brush make an excellent choice for removing pet hair.  This machine also removes embedded sand from deep within the pile of carpeting like no other vacuum on the market.  

#5 Miele Cat & Dog.  So this one does have a "Pet" label but no gimmick here.  This vacuum has an excellent roller bush, adjustable suction, HEPA and Charcoal filtration as well as a Wessel Werk made Turbo brush for removing pet hair from carpet stairs, couches and vehicles.  Large bag and sealed dust free system.  

All these vacuums and many more including some ultra light weight machines are in stock at Everett Vacuum Sales and Service.  Come on in for a free, no pressure consultation and try them out in person.  Buy local, save money, and have peace of mind knowing that our manufacture authorized service center is here for you.  Family owned and operated since 1944.  Serving Everett, Marysville, Lk Stevens, Mukilteo, Mill Creek, Lynnwood, Smokey Point, Arlington and surrounding area....Everett Vacuum is your local vacuum pros!  Call us at 425-252-4355.

David Lane