What I Wish Everyone Knew About Vacuum Repair

vacuum repair

Simply Put, don’t Overthink the Vacuum Repair

A vacuum works by sucking and agitating the carpet. Make sure bag is empty and filters are clean. Make sure the belt is powering the brush.

If its “not picking up”, check the hose. If you have suction at the hose then more than likely the belt is stretched or broken, or perhaps a clog is located between the main hose and nozzle. If you don’t have suction at the hose, remove it and see if you have suction at the body. If you have suction at the body then a clog is in the vacuums main hose. No suction at the body, than more than likely your bag or filters are packed.

Only do What You Feel Capable of Doing

Belts are simple to replace and there are many how to videos online walking you through the process.

What you don’t want to do is start something you are not capable of finishing. I can’t tell you how many times a vacuum has been brought to our store, in a box, in a million pieces, all because it had a little issue that could have been resolved in minutes for just a few dollars. But it was stripped down, parts were needlessly disassembled and now its a costly repair to reassemble the entire vacuum and replace any parts that were broken in the tear down.

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David Lane