7 Preventative Maintenance Tips Your Vacuum Will Appreciate

vacuum maintenance tips

Everyday at Everett Vacuum Sales & Service customers bring in their vacuum cleaners for maintenance and repair.  Periodic maintenance to your vacuum is what keeps it running at peak performance; whereas repairs are usually the result of poor vacuum maintenance.  When not properly maintained, not only will you vacuum pick up less and take more time to finish the job...damage to the motor, brush roll filters and even your carpeting may occur.

Here are 7 Vacuum Maintenance Tips Your Machine Will Appreciate

#1 Change Your Belt

Most styles of vacuum cleaner belts stretch and wear out.  This causes the roller brush to slow down or not spin at all.  We recommend changing the belt every year.

#2 Clean Your Roller Brush

Hair and strings wrap around the roller and bristles causing the belts to stretch and reduce agitation.  They can also work their way into the bearings causing them to seize and in some instances melt the nozzle housing, permanently destroying the vacuum cleaner.

#3 Replace Vacuum Bag When Full

If your vacuum is not equipped with a "full indicator", monitor its performance as you go.  Typically a vacuum bag needs to be replaced when 70-80% full.

#4 Keep Vacuum Filters Clean

If you have a bag-less vacuum like Dyson or Shark, cleaning your filters frequently is essential to the machines health and longevity.  If they are washable...every 3 months is the average for most users on when that should be done.  Some filters need to be replaced.  heavy use every 6 months, pet owners every year and light use every 2-3 years is recommended. 

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#5 Keep Watch On Performance

If it's not picking up, smelling, smoking, spitting stuff out....stop.  Stop and find out the issue.  Frequently we see burnt out vacuum motors because machines were ran long after they were clogged up.  Clogs stop air flow and overheat vacuum motors.  A little thing like a bobby-pin can create a clog and destroy even a new vacuum if not equipped with safety shutoffs.

#6 Properly Adjust Nozzle Height

Vacuum works off airflow.  If the nozzle is buried in the carpet on the lowest setting you have no airflow and are probably damaging your carpet in turn.  If your vacuum has a height adjuster, set it on high than lower it just to the point you hear the bristles make contact with the carpet pile.  Once there, don't go lower.  This will allow for peak performance, long belt and roller brush life as well as prevent damage to the carpeting.

#7 Schedule Regular Vacuum Service

Start spring cleaning by having your vacuum fully serviced.  You can do this at home; a shop vac or air compressor helps.  Go through it, check the ducting, bristle length, replace belts and filters and test it out.  We have the parts you need and are always happy to offer tips and advice.  If you're not into the DIY, our Vacuum Service & Maintenance is fast and fairly priced.  

Everett Vacuum Sales and Service has been keeping vacuums for homes or business running their best since 1944!  Our service is quick and no appointment needed.  Stop in today or call us at 425-252-4355!

David Lane