Oreck vs Dyson: Which is the Best Lightweight Vacuum

If you are looking for the best lightweight vacuum cleaner, usually two brands are brought up: Dyson and Oreck.  Both are popular, well known and loved by their owners but are they equal?  Let's compare.

Everett Vacuum Sales & Service is an authorized Dyson and Oreck dealer.  We've sold and serviced all makes & models of vacuums since 1944.  We hope that you will find this comparison honest, unbiased rooted in our first hand experience.

First, Lets Hit the Pros

Oreck Pros:

Oreck vacuums are very lightweight, powerful for their size, made in the US.  Parts are fairly inexpensive and they don't require too much maintenance outside of the occasional belt change.  They can lay flat on their back to get under tables and beds, easy to vacuum stairs and work great on carpet as well as bare floor.  They also offer some of the longest warranties of any manufactures... We carry the Forever Oreck model that has a Lifetime Warranty and 21 years of free tune up service.  So depending on the Oreck you get, it can literally be the last vacuum you'd ever buy!


Oreck Cons:

Oreck Vacuums logo

It utilizes a direct air motor which pulls debris through a fan which is subject to damage or failure if large or hard (rocks/pennies) are sucked through it.  Most require belts to be changed every year (Forever Oreck excluded as it has a lifetime belt).  No hose attachment on board, though portable units are often sold as a companion.  Requires a disposable bag; while this adds to the longevity of the machine it requires additional cost.


Cons for both:
1)  No height adjustment!  These machines do not work on shag, frieze or thick pile carpeting (Oreck vacuums with two speed motors can work on some, but at half power).  
2)  They have smaller motors then other comparably priced vacuums.
3)  Overall quality of components is below comparably priced vacuums such as Miele or SEBO (Dart & Felix)


Dyson Pros:

Dyson vacuum cleaners offer some great features like a twisting body for easily moving through the house, brushroll shut off for transitioning to barefloor.  They have a hose and attachments on board for an all-in-one package.  It requires no bags for dirt collection and the filters are easy to clean and reusable.  They also look pretty cool too.


Dyson Cons:

Dyson Logo

Off the top...Dyson vacuums are built in Malaysia with Chinese components;  For a vacuum sold at $400-600 you can go buy US or German made vacuum such as Riccar, SEBO & Miele, and the quality of components, performance and longevity is night and day.  Their parts fail quickly; daily Dysons come into our store for repair.  I can tell you the older ones (pre "Ball") could last 8-12 years where the new "Ball" style come in for everything from clogging due to their exceptionally small ducting and loss of suction to electrical issues and motors burning out after just a year or two of use.  Bagless vacuums, including the dyson tend to be dustier, require more frequent maintenance and are a mess when emptied.

Overall the best Dyson vacuums are the cordless units such as Dyson V6 & V8.  They're unique and great for quick cleaning.  When it comes to the full sized Dyson vacuums... I would pass.  They just won't hold up and require a lot of maintenance to keep going. 

Oreck on the other hand tend to last folks for decades and models such as the Forever Oreck are warrantied/guaranteed for life.  If you are looking for the best lightweight vacuum that will last Oreck is a great option.  However, not everyone's house, needs and preferences are the same; for that reason come visit us at Everett Vacuum on 23rd in Broadway, North Everett.  We have over 45 different models of new vacuums on display that you can try out in store to find the best vacuum to suit your home.  

David Lane