How to Unclog a Central Vacuum Hose: A Step-by-step Guide

Unclog a Central Vacuum Hose

Any clog in a vacuum cleaner or system can be frustrating, but there is something especially frustrating about a clog stuck in the middle of a 35 foot long hose. If you’re reading this, more than likely your hose is clogged. First, lets cover some trouble shooting to determine it is in fact the hose, then a step by step, and lastly, some tips to avoid clogging the central vacuum hose.

Diagnose the Unclog

  • Start by first visually ensuring that the attachment tools and wands are clear

  • Remove all accessories and test hose only

  • If suction is weak or nonexistent , try the hose at another outlet

  • Disconnect hose from wall outlet

  • Verify suction at valve outlets by opening valve door while someone manually turns on the system

  • Lastly, drop a small round object, like a marble or penny, through the hose. If clogged by doing so, you should gain a rough idea of where the clog is located.

Step-by-Step Process of Uncloging a Central Vacuum Hose

  1. Don’t jam or compact the clog by forcing another object through the hose

  2. Look inside the handle nozzle, most clogs form here

  3. If in the handle try gently using a hooked wire to extract the object out, also..

  4. Attempt to blow or suck the object in the opposite direction in which it was sucked in

  5. If object will not move by sucking (another vacuum) or blowing (air compressor), use a toilet snake

  6. Gently feed the snake through until it makes contact with the clog. With slight pressure twist clockwise, then pull. Several attempts in this manor in combination with blowing or sucking can be successful

  7. If the clog wont come free, bring it into us to further assist you. In some rarer cases, the hose may need to replaced.

Some Preventative Tips to Follow

  • Pick up large debris before vacuuming

  • Vacuum what you can see: before you vacuum under the bed, make sure there aren’t socks hiding under there

  • Vacuum with an attachment: attachments are narrower than the wants and wands narrower than the hose, thus a prevention against clogging

  • Light dense debris like shredded paper, ripped up foam, etc should be picked up as best as possible first then vacuumed slowly to ensure it isn’t all sucked into the system at once.

Following these simple tips will help keep your central vacuum hose free of clogs.

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