The Best Miele Vacuum Cleaner - The Dynamic U1 Salsa

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Everett Vacuum, in Everett WA, is your local Miele Authorized Dealer and Service Center.  Miele vacuum represents the finest German engineering and quality at the same price point as their Malaysian made competitor, Dyson. The first thing you will notice about Dynamic U is it's attractive, sleek design. Upon starting, you will hear the difference a powerful German-made 1200-watt Vortex Motor with soft start technology can make. Insulated motor, whisper quiet adjustable suction and overheating protection make Miele Vortex one of the longest lasting vacuum motors on the market today.

Features beginning with the nozzle. All the wheels and casters are non-marking rubber, ensuring your floors stay beautiful. The base plate is chrome plated steel, complete with squeegee for anti-skatter and proper seal. The electro brush cleans thoroughly right up to the edges and automatically adjust to all pile heights. Excellent on pet hair or removing deeply embedded dander or dirt. The nozzle is wrapped in a molded rubber bumper and complete with a maintenance-free LED headlight.

About Miele vacuum U1

Most notable is Miele's SwivelNeck; a double swivel joint makes the Dynamic U1 extremely maneuverable and highly versatile. Steering the unit ease a breeze with just a slight twist of the wrist. Further up you have the Sealed HEPA dust chamber with bag full indicator. Excellent for pet owners, allergy sufferers or customers seeking to best clean possible. An abnormally long 39' power cable and 12' integrated flexible hose with 3' wand give you a 54 Foot Cleaning Radius! On board, tools include dusting brush, crevice, and upholstery tool. Finally, the U1 has an Ergo comfort handle with integrated controls.  At the touch of a button, the Dynamic U1 and/or electro brush can be switched on and off via the handle, switching from carpet to bare floor cleaning.

Miele U1 comes in 6 different models.  Price ranges from $449 to $900.  Huge spectrum or choices: Twist, Salsa, Jazz, Cat & Dog, AutoEco & HomeCare. The Twist priced at $449 is a fair version, but the best one to buy isn't found online; the Miele Dynamic U1 Salsa priced at $499, can only be purchased through Authorized Dealer Service Centers like Everett Vacuum. The Salsa, at $50 more, includes the LED Headlight, Active Air HEPA Filtration and Adjustable Suction.  Add a turbo brush and it is the Cat & Dog Models.  The Twist does not have these features.  Plus, an Everett Vacuum Exclusive, bring in a working trade-in and get $50 OFF the Miele Dynamic U1 Salsa!

Everett Vacuum Sales and Service offers Miele vacuums parts, bags, filters and Authorized Repair Service. Give us a call and speak to a Professional Today!

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