Why doesn't my vacuum pick up?

Vacuum Cleaner Doesn't Pick Up

So you've ran the vacuum over that dust bunny five times now and it's still there? It's time to stop and see whats going on. First remove the hose and see if there is suction. No suction means clogged hose filters or packed bag. Next look into the lower duct hose to see if there are any clogs visible. Then turn the machine on it's side and see if the roller brush is spinning. Not spinning you'll need to replace the belt or perhaps even the roller brush. If it is spinning, see if the roller slows down when it meets resistance. Often a vacuum belt can be intact but stretched so much that there is no longer any tension on the roller to properly agitate the carpeting. Another common issue along those lines is setting a vacuum height too low. Setting the head at it's lowest adjustment does not improve performance, in fact it does the opposite. Vacuums clean based on airflow. Too low and its stuck to the floor and no air is coming in to pull debris to the bin.

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David Lane