Here's Why You Should Choose A Miele Vacuum

Miele Vacuum

Often folks come to us at Everett Vacuum wanting a new Miele vacuum cleaner.  They've read the reviews or saw their friend's.  But why Miele Vacuums?

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Advantages

Vacuum cleaner reviews are great.  You get a huge perspective from a wide variety of users and applications.  Allergy sufferer, pet owner...thick carpet, bare floors.  Reviews should be taken with a grain of salt however.  I've read many Five Star reviews claiming some of the worst vacuums made were the reviewer's choice for Best Vacuum!  Friends referrals and first hand experience is by far the most impactful when selecting your next vacuum.  Let me suggest to you instead a third means of selecting a vacuum; "mechanic's pick".

When I say "Mechanic's Pick", what I really mean is, what if your mechanic was the salesman?  If the guy who knew the car inside and out was the one making the suggestion...he'd also be the guy who knew what cars to avoid because they're lemons.  At Everett Vacuum Sales & Service, there are no commissioned salesmen.  Whether its my dad helping you or me, we not only sell but repair them as well.  And since Everett Vacuum has been in the same location serving our neighbors since 1944, we're a little picky about what we recommend.  You wont find the latest Shark vacuum cleaner on QVC or one of the 50 new models from Hoover or Bissell.  What you will find is top quality vacuums at unbeatable pricing.  

Why Should You Choose a Miele Vacuum from Everett Vacuum

Everett Vacuum is an authorized Miele dealer because we believe in the product; plain and simple.  Miele isn't just a German company, they are made in Germany and held to strict standards.  Often we surprise people when they learn Dyson is made in Malaysia with Chinese parts, not England. Where it's made matters and so do where the parts come from.  

Miele also offers unparalleled filtration making them one of the cleanest vacuums for emissions currently made.  Just simply having a HEPA filter does not equal Sealed HEPA Filtraion.

Longevity.  Many vacuums that received high marks when initially purchased can turn into major disappointments when they only last a year or two, parts are not available and before you know it, your back on Google searching for "What's the Best Vacuum Cleaner?".  Countless of our Miele customers have had their same unit for 20+ years...some even 30!  Not only has their Miele vacuum kept their home clean and healthy, it's saved them a pile of money decade after decade. Canisters like Homecare C1 & C3 Marin or Uprights like the Miele Cat & Dog, we have the best vacuums Miele offers. Trade in discounts as well.

At Everett Vacuum Sales & Service it's our pleasure to give each customer who comes in our store a free personal consultation to help them find the best vacuum cleaner to suit their needs.  And while our German line of SEBOs and Miele are the very best, selecting a vacuum isn't a one size fits all.  Let us help you and see what a difference shopping can be when the mechanic is the salesman.  Stop in or Call Today

David Lane