SEBO Vacuums vs Oreck Vacuums: Which is Better?

sebo vacuums vs oreck vacuums

Everett Vacuum Sales & Service, in Everett WA, has for over two decades sold and repaired both SEBO and Oreck Vacuums.  Often customers ask: "Which is the best vacuum, SEBO or Oreck?"  And while my family has used a SEBO in our home for over 15 years, the answer isn't that cut & dry.  Every home & flooring is different, and every user's preference varies.  Both US made Oreck's and German SEBO's will give you decades of service, head-n-shoulders above box store vacuums.  And the performance of each intended us out cleans the competition.  To compare which vacuum, SEBO or Oreck, is best; I would like to break this down in four categories: Function, Intended Use, Versatility and Cleaning Power.


Oreck vacuum cleaners give a simple and straight forward operation.  Lightweight, easy on/off switch, basic bag change system.  Cons: No hose/ cleaning tools, Belts that can break, Cleaning brush roll requires tools.
SEBO vacuum cleaners will come in a variety of uprights and canister vacuums.  All SEBO's have either S-Class Hospital Grade or Sealed HEPA Filtration.  Belts do not break and roller brush is easily serviced/removed with the push of a button.  Many models come with variable suction control and all SEBO's have a cleaning hose and attachment tools.  Cons:  Tools and larger motors make for a heavier vacuum.  Purchase price of most models is more than average Oreck models.

Intended Use

Oreck's lightweight simple function is perfect for easy and quick clean up.  Works best on low pile carpeting, area rugs and fair on bare flooring.
SEBO vacuum cleaners are an all-in-one whole house vacuum cleaners.  On board attachments and quick draw hose give you a total clean from floor to ceiling.  Adjustable height power nozzle, variable suction controls and bare floor cleaning brushes allow for superior cleaning on every carpet pile height, style and bare floor (tile, laminate, wood, linoleum, etc).


As described above, the Oreck's options are rather limited.  However, if your home is low pile carpeting, you do not require a hose and cleaning attachments and weight is a constraining factor, the Oreck maybe the perfect choice.  But by and large Oreck's approach is one size fits all.
SEBO on the other hand offers many various style of vacuums for all homes and the unique preferences of their owners.  With SEBO's roots in commercial cleaning, models like the 350 Mechanical, Essential G1 & dual motor 10 year warranty Electronic 370 are employed in businesses, offices and commercial properties across the world.  Canister vacuums like their SEBO E3 and SEBO D4 Premium models work for homes with lots of bare flooring or where a long hose is desired.  The upright SEBO Automatic X4 vacuum is by far the most popular SEBO; with auto height adjust for bare floor to shag carpeting, this model is for all purposes the most versatile.  Long 40' cable and lifetime guaranteed belt.  Another unique model that bridges the gap between Upright and Canister is the Felix Premium...barefloor, carpet or portable cleaning, this vacuum does it all.

Cleaning Power

The cleaning ability of vacuum cleaner can best be measured by four factors: Suction, Agitation, Ability and Filtration.


Oreck Vacuums mostly use a direct air 4.2 AMP motor to power both their suction and roller brush. 

SEBO mostly use a 10-11 AMP dedicated suction motor and models such as the E3 Canister or Felix also have a 200 Watt brush motor.  CFM compared on vacuum motors is close with SEBO canisters averaging about 15% greater suction at 120 CFM with no loss of power to power roller brush.


Cleaning path and agitator length is comparable on both SEBO & Oreck, however, SEBO X5, ET2, G2, 350 & 370 models are 2-3" wider.  Agitation of the carpet depends on two main factors: stiffness of the bristles and belt tension.  Oreck brush rolls are soft where SEBO comes standard with stiffer bristles for removing pet hair and allergens but offer an alternate soft bristle for homes with wool or specialty carpeting.  Oreck rubber belts stretch causing a drop in performance.  SEBO belts are cogged drive, fabric reinforced, meaning that they never stretch and provide consistent performance.  


It comes down to it's intended use.  If your intended use is to only clean low pile carpet the Oreck will do.  But for a total home clean, varied carpet height, dusting, bare floor, SEBO will give the Superior Clean every time.


Lastly, but for many, most importantly is Filtration.  For pet owners and allergy sufferers filtration is number one.  We brought SEBO into our home 15 years ago because of my wife's asthma and since than her attacks have dramatically reduced.  SEBO is a HEPA filtered Bag, Sealed system with Pre and Post motor filtration at S-Class Hospital Grade, HEPA or higher.  Oreck, while HEPA bags are offered, have no sealed system and there are no filters for pre or post motor filtration.  This allows for pet dander and allergens to escape back into your home and the air you breath. 

SEBO has been the #1 choice of allergy sufferers, pet owners and folks just wanting the very best for their unique home.  Stop in today and try one for yourself and compare to an Oreck in person.  See which one would work the best for you.  All our SEBO & Oreck vacuums are offered at Special "In-store Only Pricing" that crushes the online market.  See why we've been serving Everett and surrounding area since 1944.  Everett Vacuum, "your local vacuum pros!"

Don't know if you should choose Oreck or SEBO?

David Lane