How To Prolong The Life Of Your Dyson Vacuum



One of the most defining differences between Dyson vacuum cleaners and the other bag-less makes such as Shark and Bissell is their serviceability. Dyson is not a disposable vacuum and replacement parts from common wear items like filters & brush rolls to motors & power nozzles can be purchased from authorized Dyson dealer.  Everett Vacuum is you local Dyson dealer and has a full service center to service and tune up your vacuum or handle large repairs and overhauls.  For the do-it-yourselfers, we carry the most common repair parts for popular models as well as offer expert advice from techs who know your machine inside and out.

Here are Five easy to follow tips to prolong the life of your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.

#1 Empty When Full  
Every Dyson has a "Max" or "Full" mark on the outside of the canister. This line usually is in the middle of the clear bin; not at the top. All vacuum cleaners require air flow in order to keep sucking which is why bag-less vacuums must be emptied often. Over filling and clogging can and will cause motors to overheat and prematurely fail.

#2 Service the Roller Brush
Suction combined with agitation are the two ingredients for clean carpets. A bound up roller brush not only causes a massive reduction in agitation, it can break belts and wear out motors. Be sure to clean hair and strings out of the Dyson's bristles, bearings and drive gears.  

#3 Clean & Replace Your Filters
Dirty filters cause a reduction in airflow. Packed out filters can and will cause vacuum motors to fail. Clean your filters often. Nearly all Dyson vacuum filters can be cleaned with water. Ensure filters are completely dry before reinstalling them. All Dysons have a sponge pre-motor filter and a pleated post-motor HEPA filter, so make sure you check both.

#4 Cord Care
One of the most common repairs on a Dyson is replacing the power cable. Plug ends broken or cables coiled and frayed; most damage is preventable. When unplugging, don't yank the cable, instead turn off the machine and hold the plug while removing it from the outlet. Also while wrapping the cable, stand at the machine, plug removed from outlet, and wrap cable loosely; never wrap from plug end towards machine...This will cause coiling.

#5 Dyson Service
With a little know how and a dust mask you can service the Dyson yourself; however if you want to leave the dirty part to the professionals, our Dyson service is $50 and usually completed within 24 hours. Beyond servicing the roller brush and filters, the pros at Everett Vacuum go through:

  • ducting

  • cyclonic cones

  • service bearings

  • clean out motors

  • followed by a complete test and inspection. 

Pet owners, we recommend 1-2 years between service, light use every 2-4 years between services. Heavy use serviced annually.  

Everett Vacuum Sales and Service is you local Dyson Vacuum Dealer!  Serving you since 1944.  Give us a call at (425) 252-4355 today! 

David Lane