U.S. Made Commercial Backpack Vacuums With HEPA Filtration & CRI Gold Certified

Everett Vacuum

Meet the Gold Standard of Backpack Vacuum Cleaners, Everett Vacuum's HEPA PAK. Everett Vacuum's HEPA PAKs are simply the finest backpack vacuums available today.  Compare our features, benefits and warranty to any competitor, and the decision is obvious.  Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.  

Specifically designed for Commercial applications in schools, hospitals, high traffic areas, hotels, job sites and janitorial; the HEPA PAK has also been employed in residential homes and small businesses.  Certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute with a GOLD Rating, HEPA Filtration and a "whisper-quiet" muffler, makes Everett Vacuum's HEPA PAK the most efficient, highest filtrated & quietest backpack sold today.  Quad HEPA Filtration, removes dust, pollen, pet dander & mold down to 0.3 Microns!

Sold in 10 quart and 6 quart, all machines feature premium tools and 50' power cord, crush proof anti-static swivel hose, built in cord wrap, Quad HEPA Filtration, padded ergonomic backrest and shoulder harness, airflow channels molded in housing and is powered by the industrial standard motor: Lamb-Ametek.

Our warranty is the best on the market: Lifetime on body, 7 year motor, pigtail & switch.  Just $399.99 each or a low as $350 when purchasing multiple units.  Talk about value!  American Quality at offshore pricing.  Better Quality, Warranty & Price when compare to Windsor or Proteam Super Coach & ProVac Backpacks.

  • Protect your business with the best value at the best price.

  • Protect your investment with the longest warranty on the market.

  • Protect your clients by giving an unbeatable clean.

  • Protect yourself & employees with the best filtration and back saving ergonomics!

Product specifications:

10lbs, 152 CFM, 101" Lift, 11.4 amp, 67dB, HEPA, US Made

Everett Vacuum HEPA PAK BackPack Vacuum Cleaner cost: $399

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