Sneak Peek At Sebo's New Airbelt E Series Canister

Sebo Airbelt

Everett Vacuum, in Everett WA, is eagerly awaiting SEBOs fall launch of their latest canister: The Airbelt E.  Already hard at work in Europe for the past several years, the lightweight Airbelt E canister vacuum offers innovative design with attractive curves and contours, along with an optimized airflow pathway that provides powerful suction performance.  All three models are mid-sized and ultra-quiet and feature a 37 foot cleaning radius, three on-board attachments, rubber-coated wheels to protect floor surfaces, and a durable telescopic tube with quick release connections.  That gives a significant edge over the various Miele models it completes with.  They also have a full bag or clog warning indicator and soft bumper to protect the vacuum, furniture, and your walls from scuffs and scratches.

The SEBO Airbelt E1 and E2 are straight-suction models that offer a choice of cleaning heads, designed for use on hard floors and rugs.  However, the Airbelt E3 model offers a commercial-quality power head, the ET-1 & ET-2, that deep cleans carpets, plus a hard-floor parquet brush.  And the E3's ergonomically designed handle, which also has a suction adjustment switch, provides user comfort and effortless control of the power head's 180* steering ability. Perfect for allergy sufferers looking to get the pet hair, pollen and dander picked up, and the highest level of filtration to keep it locked in the bag.

Everett Vacuum visited the VDTA (Vacuum Dealer Trade Association) rade-show this year where we had the pleasure to meet with SEBO's CEO John van Leuven and talk about the anticipated US launch. Sounds like most of the Importation red tape that had held back the launch is resolved and God willing, Everett Vacuum will have the Airbelt E on its shelf by the Fall of 2016. 

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