Miele News: New Models & Lower Prices

Miele has just launched a new model, the Dynamic U1 Maverick.  It is essentially the same as the Twist, just in a more attractive gloss black color.  The Big difference however is the amazing price of just $399!   And if you are a pet owner, in need of a little added performance, higher HEPA/carbon sealed filtration and more effective tools for pet hair removal, The Miele Cat & Dog model, which is the highest rated on the market, has just dropped one hundred dollars off to a rock bottom price of $549! Great deals are here at Everett Vacuum Sales & Service.  Save even more by bringing a trade-in with you.  The German made Miele is also backed by a 7yr Motor/Housing/Electronics and 1yr Parts Warranty will bring you guaranteed performance for years to come.  Drop in and try one out today.

Miele Dynamic
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