"The Ultimate Upright"

Maytag's M1200 was just featured in the Wall Street Journal (http://www.wsj.com/articles/best-vacuums-for-allergy-season-1429903302), named as the "The Ultimate Upright".

This American-built beast of a HEPA vacuum was made for conquering vast expanses of wall-to-wall carpeting (though it also does a fine job on hard surfaces). Drawing 12 amps of power for its dual suction motors—yes, there are two—the M1200 emits a joyous, Harley-Davidson-grade roar. The attached metal and rubber hose, which extends to a McMansion-friendly 17 feet, is a wonderfully over-engineered alternative to the easily cracked plastic hoses that plague lesser vacuums. Self-sealing bags for this model can be changed without so much as a puff of dust.

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