The All New Sebo 300 & 350 Mechanical Reviewed


New from SEBO, the 300/350 Mechanical series are technically advanced, commercial-grade, upright vacuum cleaners that provide the utmost in reliability and cleaning effectiveness! There are two models, offering a choice between power head widths: the 12-inch SEBO 300 and the 14-inch SEBO 350. To maximize durability to the highest possible level, these vacuums are entirely mechanical and have no electrical components in the handle or bag housing, thereby minimizing electrical connectors.

Because all electrical parts are in the power head, simply tap the foot-pedal switch on the power head to start and stop the vacuum. This unique design also gives users externally accessible tool-free power cord replacement.  It also allows simple access to most machine parts, which makes service and maintenance quick and easy.  

About new SEBO 300 & 350 Mechanical 

By appearance, it looks like a blend between the SEBO 370 Comfort and SEBO Essential G1 & G2 models. As mentioned there are no electrical components in the handle or bag housing However, the power cable still clips into the handle with tool-free ease and ensures added protection against accidentally running over your own cord.  

The grip on handle and wand are redesigned and feel great in my hand.  Bag door open towards the user, just like on the SEBO 370, however internally it looks much like the Automatic X4 with the 5036 Pre-motor filter in place.  One key difference from the other SEBO upright models is the impressive HEPA exhaust cartridge it has for a final air filter. Standard SEBO tools on housing and handle; premium crevice, upholstery and dusting brush tools. The power head has unique features such as a side-mounted on/off switch, and push button height selector scaling 1,2,3,4,3,2,1.

Unlike the 370 Comfort, the brush access plate requires no tools and is more designed like the SEBO Automatic X4 & X5, with a button triggering the access plate to pop out. And it does pop out considerably easier than the X and G models which is a great improvement. The brush roller uses a spiraled brush strip like the 370 model. Classic SEBO features such as the 40' power cable, check brush and bag indicators and the nozzle access door. Overall, I'm very impressed by the new model.  Its price point is also much lower than previous models and I'm happy about that for our commercial clients and customers looking for durable/quality in the Dyson price range.

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