Service Bench Tip: No Suction Might Actually Be No Agitation

Broken vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner "not sucking"? This is a common customer complaint when they bring their vacuum into us for service. No suction can be vacuum related; caused by clogging or bad seals. However, if your vacuum cleaner is not picking up, it could be an agitation issue. In order to effectively clean your carpets, vacuum cleaners need substantial agitation from healthy brush rolls and tight belts. This photo shows an Oreck roller brush that came in the shop today totally absent of bristles. Also we will find belts that look fine and are still intact, but in truth, have stretched to the point where they can no longer power the roller.  

At Everett Vacuum Sales and Service, we stock the most common replacement parts, brush rolls, belts and filters.  Not up for doing the repair yourself?  Everett Vacuum has a full service center, with most repairs completed same day.  Give us a call today and we'll get your machine like new in no time!

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