New Carpet Slowing You Down?

There are many great new carpets coming out in recent years that offer long, soft, plush pile.  While they feel great on the feet, they can make vacuuming feel more like sawing logs.  Machines such as Dyson & Shark will void manufactures warranties on certain Shaw & Mowhawk Carpets because they have too much suction and offer no height selection.  This will cause the brushroll to grind and eat the carpet and the lack of air flow will cause overheating and perminate damage to the vacuum motor.  So choosing the right vacuum for your carpet will not only protect your investment from damage but properly care for it.  There are three main features to look for in selecting a vacuum for thick, plush carpets:

1) Adjustable Height

2) Proper Suction (Yes you can have too much)

3) Medium/Large Chasss Wheels 

You want the bristles of the brushroller to just make contact  with the top of the pile.  This will open up the fibers and airflow from the vacuum will do the rest. To achieve this you will need a vacuum that you can adjust the height to the proper level, Either adjustable suction control or a vacuum that achieves approx. 70" of water lift, and wheels large enough to keep the machine from sinking into the soft deep pile.  Vacuums that have too much suction, no height adjuster and small chassis wheels will likely never work on thicker soft carpets. 

We have found SEBO & Sanitaire Professional Vacuums to work the best on Shaw & Mowhawk Smartstrand carpets.  Feel free to bring in a sample of your carpet to try out and find the best vacuum from our large selection in stock.

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