In The Mail Bag

Hi David and Mike
We were the folks that came in last night and purchased the Sebo X4. We got it home and set it up and it performed exquisitely. We want to again thank you both for your "personal" help and we truly enjoyed the "tradition" there at "2318" that you both have continued to cultivate, over the years; a breath of fresh air! ...something rare in this day and age of the impersonal, emotionless "super stores".  Anyway, thanks again, we appreciate your time and effort. Take care and keep the tradition alive!   Jeffrey and Suzanne


Thank you Jeffrey & Suzanne, 

We will certainly keep the tradition alive.  We are very blessed to be here and blessed to have customers such as yourselves.  Thank you for making the drive from Mt. Vernon and I am pleased it was worth the effort.  -Dave

Mission Control