Everett Vacuum: Small Shops, Big Impact

Everett Vacuum

It is not an easy thing to run a small mom and pop shop today. There is always someone across the country in a warehouse, willing to sell the same product for less; so what is the advantage of shopping small?  

There are many answers to this question, but here are the ones I see at Everett Vacuum. Local dollars spent go back into the community; schools, fire, police, etc. You are also getting a personal consultation, advise and able to compare products in person. We also price match or beat any written offer or online ad for residential vacuums.

Not to mention service. A product bought through us will be repaired by us, in store, without you ever having to call a customer service line or mail a product back. Small business also supports the local community, churches and homeless shelters. Not to mention product knowledge and experience unlike anything you would find in a big box store. Support your small local stores. Weather fixing a bicycle, eating at a family owned diner, or getting advice on what vacuum would best suit your flooring/carpet needs; remember your money spent has a Big Impact on your local community.

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