Best Practices for Bare Floor Vacuum

bare floor vacuum

So perhaps you have made the switch from carpeting to bare floor surfaces such as hardwood, engineered or laminate flooring. Or maybe you kitchen and bathrooms are tile or linoleum. These can be a challenge to properly care for. Often bare floor vacuum with a roller brush will scatter debris behind it, or blow dust bunnies away. Sweeping stirs up dust and while it does a fair job with decent effort, it still doesn't quite cut it. Or the debris and animal hair is now cleaned up, but juice spills from the kids or paw prints from the dog remain. These spots require breaking out the mop and bucket or pouring on the elbow grease down on your knees.

Best Bare Floor Vacuum Cleaners

Often when confronted with customers need for a vacuum that works great on both bare floor and carpeting, we recommend canister vacuums like the SEBO D4 or Miele C3 HomeCare. Both are premium German made vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration to lock-in allergens and have the strongest vacuum motor for tackling pet hair and pulling dust mites from the carpeting or dust settled in grooves between your hard wood. Some people however prefer to use an upright and for that I would suggest the SEBO Felix or Miele QuickStep.  If you have no carpeting and can stand a canister, the Sanitaire Professional or SEBO K2 are excellent choices. The key though to bare floor, is having a vacuum that will brush the floor as it vacuums; they cleverly call this tool a "barefloor brush". A vacuum cleaner that only shuts off the brushroll and sucks over the top isn't cutting it.  Dust settles and needs to be lifted by agitation from a bristle for an optimal clean.

Vacuum Cleaners for a Maximum Effect

If your vacuum cleaner doesn't have a barefloor brush or you want the maximum clean possible, a Microfiber Dust Mops and Bucketless Mops, combined with various cleaning products are excellent tools for disinfecting and removing grease and sticky spots without too much effort. Dust mops require use with a spray bottle and bucketless mops release solution with a simple squeeze of a trigger in the handle. Common products like simple green and vinegar are good, we carry a peroxide based multipurpose cleaner that is excellent, especially for grout and tile. Microfiber pads are held to the bottom of the mop in a similar manner as velcro, and they can be easily removed and thrown in with the dirty laundry. Steam mops are also an option, but be careful. While there is no real threat in using them on tile and linoleum, caution should be taken on hard wood and laminate. Some cheaper laminate and engineered hardwoods can actually de-laminate and peel from over exposure. Never leave a hot steam mop resting on the floor, always keep it moving while moping and try to not over steam an area.  We have tried various steam mops, repaired many as well. Hoover, Bissell and Shark rank the lowest.  Haan is good but we have seen many repairs over the years, and the Steamboy by Reliable, has been, the most reliable. Our home has used the Steamboy T1 by Reliable for nearly 7 years. And with four kids and a dog it has seen it's fair share of use.

I hope you have found this helpful. If you have any questions or would like further information on a product or help finding a solution to your bare floor needs, give Everett Vacuum Sales & Service a call today.

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